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Obituary for Dorothy Dunnett: 1923 to 2001

I'm saddened to note that Dorothy Dunnett died from pancreatic cancer on Nov 10, 2001.

                                                                                                                 Dorothy Dunnett has written two complex, fascinating historic fiction series.  The first is referred to as 'The Lymond Chronicles'.  It is comprised of 6 novels, and takes place during the time of Mary, Queen of Scots.  'The House of Niccolo', the second series, takes place about 50 years before the beginning of the Lymond Chronicles, and is comprised of 8 novels . A reader completing the last 'Niccolo' volume will find that the two series are connected...

Lady Dunnett hails from Scotland, so I collected the UK editions first, then the US editions.  I find it interesting to compare and contrast the same novel as released for two very different reading publics.  The jacket artwork is quite different, and the font is usually different as well.   

In my opinion, Dunnett's writing epitomizes the historic fiction genre.  The level of accurate historic detail combined with her ability to paint such vividly beautiful backgrounds for the complex sagas she writes makes the intellectual demands of both series well worth the effort.  To assist in understanding the complex world of the Renaissance, I advise getting a copy of: The Dorothy Dunnett Companion  OR  The Dorothy Dunnett Companion Volume II, both by Elspeth Morrison. 

I was fortunate enough to meet Lady Dunnett in Philadelphia in September, 2000, and collected her signature for many of her books.

It was a weekend not to be forgotten, from the reception Friday night where this photo was taken, through the various Reader Programs on Saturday, the wonderful dinner Saturday nite, including the presentation of "The Nikado", topped off Sunday with a farewell brunch.  

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