Thomas Costain
Thomas Costain's works in my collection include : The Black Rose; The Silver Chalice; The Tontine - Volumes I and II; The Magnificent Century; The Conquerors; The Three Edwards; The Last Plantagenets; The Moneyman;


Clive Cussler web page
Clive Cussler's works in my collection include : Raise the Titanic; Vixen 03; Deep Six; Night Prove; Cyclops; Treasure; Dragon; Sahara; Inca Gold; Mediterranean Caper & Iceberg; Shockwave; Floodtide; Atlantis Found; Valhalla Rising; Trojan Odyssey; Black Wind;


Lindsey Davis web page
Lindsey Davis' works in my collection include : The Silver Pigs; Shadows in Bronze; Venus In Copper; The Iron Hand of Mars; Poseidon's Gold; Last Act in Palmyra; Time to Depart; A Dying Light in Corduba; Two for the Lions; Three Hands in the Fountain; One Virgin Too Many; Course of Honor; Ode to a Banker; The Jupiter Myth; A Body in the Bathhouse; The Accusers;


Dorothy Dunnett web page     
Dorothy Dunnetts works in my collection include: Game of Kings; Queens' Play; The Disorderly Knights; Pawn in Frankincense; Ringed Castle; Checkmate; Niccolo Rising; Spring of the Ram; Race of Scorpions; Scales of Gold; The Unicorn Hunt; To Lie with Lions; Caprice and Rondo; Gemini; The Photogenic Soprano; Murder in the Round; 


P. F. Chisholm (a.k.a. Patricia Finney)
Patricia Finney's works in my collection include: A Famine of Horses; A Season of Knives; A Surfeit of Guns; A Plague of Angels; A Shadow of Gulls; 


George MacDonald Fraser web page    (author of the Flashman series)
George MacDonald Fraser's works in my collection include: Flashman; Royal Flash; Flash for Freedom; Flashman at the Charge; Flashman in the Great Game; Flashman's Lady; Flashman and the Redskins; Flashman and the Dragon; Flashman and the Mountain of Light; Flashman and the Angel of the Lord; Flashman and the Tiger; The General Danced at Dawn; McAuslan in the Rough; The Sheikh and the Dustbin; Mr. American; Black Ajax; The Candlemass Road; Quartered Safe Out Here; The Light's on at Signpost;


Diana Gabaldon web page
Diana Gabaldon's works in my collection include: Outlander; Dragonfly in Amber; Voyager; Drums of Autumn; Outlandish Companion; The Fiery Cross; Lord John and the Private Matter;


Robert Graves web page  
Robert Grave's works in my collection include: I, Claudius; Claudius the God; Count Belisarius;


Barbara Hambly web page  
Barbara Hambly's works in my collection include: A Free Man of Color; Fever Season; Graveyard Dust; Sold Down the River; Die Upon a Kiss; Wet Grave; Die Upon a Kiss;


Cecelia Holland
Cecelia Holland's works in my collection include: Firedrake; The Death of Attila; Great Maria; The Sea Beggars; The Belt of Gold; The Lords of Vaumartin; City of God; Pillar of the Sky; Rakossy; The Kings in Winter; Jerusalem; Bear Flag; The Angel and the Sword; Antichrist; The Earl;


Erica Jong web page
Erica Jong's works in my collection include: Fanny; Serenissima; Fear of Flying


Robert Jordan web page
Robert Jordan's works in my collection include: Eye of the World; The Great Hunt; The Dragon Reborn; The Shadow Rising; The Fires of Heaven; The Lord of Chaos; The Crown of Swords; The Path of Daggers; Winter's Heart; The World of the Wheel of Time; New Spring (as a novella in "Legends") The Crossroads of Twilight;


Guy Gavriel Kay web page
Guy Gavriel Kay's works in my collection include: Sailing To Sarantium; The Lord of Emperors; The Summer Tree; The Wandering Fire; The Darkest Road;


George R.R. Martin web page
George R.R. Martin's works in my collection include: A Game of Thrones, A Clash of Kings, A Storm of Swords; The Hedge Knight (as a novella in "Legends")


Sharon Kay Penman web page
Sharon Kay Penman's works in my collection include : The Sunne In  Splendor; Here be Dragons; Falls the Shadow; The Reckoning; When Christ and His Saints Slept; The Queen's Man; Cruel as the Grave; Time and Chance;


Mary Renault
Mary Renault's works in my collection include: The Last of the Wine; The King Must Die; The Bull from the Sea; The Mask of Apollo; Fire From Heaven; The Persian Boy; The Middle Mist;


Anne Rice web page
Anne Rice's works in my collection include: Interview with the Vampire; Cry to Heaven; Vampire Lestat; The Witching Hour; Lasher; Taltos; The Tale of the Body Thief; Pandora; The Vampire Armand; Vittorio; Merrick; Blood and Gold; Violin; Queen of the Damned; Servant of the Bones;


Kenneth Roberts web page 
Kenneth Roberts' works in my collection include : Arundel; Rabble in Arms; Northwest Passage; Oliver Wiswell; Lydia Bailey; The Lively Lady; Captain Caution;


Steven Saylor web page
Steven Saylor's works in my collection include: Roman Blood; Arms of Nemesis; The Venus Throw; Catalina's Riddle; A Murder on the Appian Way; House of the Vestals; Rubicon; Last Seen in Massilia; A Mist of Prophecies; The Judgment of Caesar, and additional 'Gordianus' short stories from various anthologies.  Other works include: A Twist at the End; Have You Seen the Dawn;


Julian Stockwin web page
Julian Stockwin's works in my collection include: Kydd; Artemis; Sea Flower; Mutiny; Quarterdeck;
Mika Waltari web page
Mika Waltari's works in my collection include: Sinuhe the Egyptian (UK); The Egyptian (US); The Wanderer; The Dark Angel; The Etruscan; The Roman;


Arthur Weigall
Arthur Weigall's works in my collection include: The Life and Times of Cleopatra; Nero - The Singing Emperor; Personalities of Antiquity; Sappho of Lesbos - Her Life and Times; The Life and Times of Marc Antony;


David Wishart web page
David Wishart's works in my collection include: I, Virgil; Ovid; Nero; Germanicus; Sejanus; The Lydian Baker; The Horse Coin; Old Bones; Last Rites; White Murder; A Vote For Murder; Parthian Shot;


Stanley Weyman web page
Stanley Weyman's works in my collection: My Lady Rotha; The Long Night; From The Memoirs of a Minister of France; In King's Byways; A Gentleman of France;  (still under construction ... scans, scans!!)

A Stanley Weyman Bibliography


Jack Whyte web page
Jack Whyte's works in my collection include: The Skystone; The Singing Sword; The Eagle's Brood; The Saxon Shore; The Fort at River's Bend; The Sorcerer; Uther; Clothar the Frank;