A few words about my collection ...

As my literary tastes matured and the number of books which I owned continued to grow, my enjoyment of books and reading evolved into the hobby of book collecting.  I continue to  supplement my collection with first editions of the types of    books which I enjoy reading, enhancing along the way with nice copies of books which I have read in my youth, including  examples of popular old-time series such as 'Tom Swift', 'The Hardy Boys' and 'Tom Corbett', just for fun.

My collection is primarily modern Historic Fiction,

with a growing number of Historic Mystery works interspersed with a few 'time-slip' novels.  You will also find various Biographies and Histories as well as a nice set of Historical Atlases pertinent to the many different time periods in which these fictional pieces take place.   

I have found that broadening my understanding of history has yielded a deeper appreciation of the craft of the good historic fiction author.  All of the better authors do exhaustive research into all aspects of life at the times in which they place their novels.

Historic fiction authors featured in my collection:

Dorothy Dunnett; Mary Renault; Diana Gabaldon; Kenneth Roberts; Robert Graves; Colleen McCullough; Steven Saylor; David Wishart; Sharon Kay Penman, Judith Merkle Riley, Barbara Hambly, Patricia Finney, Cecelia Holland, Thomas Costain, and many, many others.  

 For those of you who like historic fiction with a humorous touch, George MacDonald Fraser's 'Flashman' series provides!  Lindsey Davis' historic mysteries in the 'Falco' collection will keep you turning pages and laughing all the while.  An incredible stand-alone piece of modern historic fiction is 'Memoirs of a Geisha'.

But its not all history! 

If you are a fan of King Arthur, you will find a number of works about the Arthurian legends, told from different characters' perspectives by various authors, including Mary Stewart, Bernard Cornwell, Jack Whyte, and Parke Godwin. Fantasy readers will appreciate the serial works by Guy Gavriel Kay (The Fionavar Tapestry Trilogy, and the Sarantine Mosaic novels) Robert Jordan (The Wheel of Time), and George R.R. Martin (A Song of Fire and Ice).

Anne Rice has a definite presence in this collection. For those not  acquainted with her novel 'Cry to Heaven' about the castrati opera singers, I would recommend it as a departure from her well-known vampire genre fiction.  The copy of 'Interview with the Vampire' is a true first edition, which I purchased in 1976 as a college student just looking for an interesting read. Great investment!

There are some Adventure titles, too!

For those who like action and adventure, check out the Clive Cussler novels, or the brilliant 'Bourne Trilogy' by Robert Ludlum.  If you like spy novels you are familiar with Len Deighton's 'Game, Set, Match' trilogy. There are also some nice illustrated classics, published by Scribner's, David McKay, and Rand McNally, 

featuring artwork by Frank Godwin, Milo Winter, and N.C. Wyeth.

And of course, I have all of the Harry Potter series!  

Enjoy browsing.  Perhaps you will see a title that you will want to pick up and read!.

Please bear in mind that all of this takes time, especially the scanned photos, so if you don't see a hypertext-linked title, the book hasn't been scanned yet.  This is a work in progress and will ultimately include book collecting information, and links to authors' home pages, publishers' pages, and booksellers worldwide.